Two new novels by Benjamin Franklin Award winner Dave Shields who assisted Saul Raisin, his family and friends with his harrowing book 'Tour de Life - from Coma to Competition'. In the first novel 'The Race', main character Ben Barnes has earned the opportunity to ride the Tour de France but despite gaining the admiration of his team-mates, when disaster strikes he's forced to confront himself and his past. 'The Race' storms round hairpin bends and sprints up dangerour ascents as Ben rides to keep his word and regain honour.

"This book was all too real. I feel like I just completed another Tour de France"
Frankie Andreu, 2 time Olympian  &  9 times Tour de France rider

"I have a big problem with this book. It's impossible to put down. Dave Shields owes me a nights sleep"
Terry Yeomans, President of American Cycling

In the sequal 'The Tour', Barnes is now in a position to win the Tour but the spector of illegal performance enhancing drugs rears its ugly head which unsettles him. Can Ben overcome adversity and and experience victory in Paris??

"Entertaining and inspirational. I couldn't put it down"
George Hincapie

"Knowledgeable insight into France's most famous cycle race, Shield's fast-moving writing style add excitement an d suspense to this action-packed novel"
France Magazine

Price : £ 8.95+ £1.50 p&p each. Buy both books for £15.90 + £1.50 p&p