Saul Raisin’s professional cycling career came to a shuddering halt on April 4th 2006 when he crashed near the finish of the Circuit de la Sarthe in France. His initial injuries were deemed not life threatening but he fell into a coma due to excessive bleeding in the brain. With his parents rushing to his side from Georgia, an immediate operation was performed which saved his life but the doctors still feared for Saul whose chances of survival were very slim and if he did, they thought would leave him in a vegetated state. Miraculously he did and with the support of family, friends and his Credit Agricole team was back riding his bike in August against all odds

This harrowing true story ‘Tour de Life’ (from coma to competition) is a reflection on Saul’s fight for life, his painful rehabilitation and the quest to rejoin team-mates in the peleton which hopefully will be later this season. Dubbed the next Lance Armstrong, Saul suffered a curvature of the spine as a youngster which baffled doctor’s but tests carried-out as he matured into a top-class rider showed  huge lungs were pushing his back out of line and coupled with a heart three times bigger than normal, he has the attributes which would have taken him to the top in the next few years.

Read Saul’s amazing story and marvel at his positive attitude and sheer persistence in his quest for a full recovery.

Price : 4.99  + 1.50 p&p (reduced  from 15.99)

 “Saul’s courageous fight inspired my victory in Paris
Thor Hushovd - 2006 Tour de France stage winner and yellow jersey wearer

 “Saul Raisin had the talent (to be the next Lance Armstrong), that much was for sure, yet only now do I realise he also had the toughness and resilience to see that ambition succeed”
Graham Watson - World renowned cycling photographer

 “Saul Raisin’ s story makes you realise the joy of just being alive and what a privilege  it is to be able to be involved in a sport as beautiful as cycling. A highly emotional and personal account guaranteed to make you think about how you live your own life”.
Dave Harmon - British Eurosport

 “A remarkable comeback always makes for great reading whatever the circumstances. Saul’s book is no exception. It is a poignant and truly inspiring story”
Simon Jones - 2004 Coach of the Year
Co-Author Dave Shields won the Benjamin Franklin Award for his novel ‘The Race – Grit, Tactics and the Tour de France’ followed by ‘The Tour’. Both great books are available from Sport & Publicity. Price : 9.99 + 1.50 p&p.