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The Full Cycle Tomorrow We Ride EagleOfTheCanavese

The Full Cycle
 Vin Denson
Vin Denson’s intimate account of a career that went full cycle. Beginning as a youthful clubman, then top international amateur, before becoming a distinguished continental professional, he became the first ever British rider to win a stage in the Tour of Italy, and had remarkable career riding with two of cycling’s  greatest champions: Jacques Anquetil and Rik Van Looy. After his pro-career he return to his roots as a clubman and raced for fun becoming a popular fixture in British cycling.

Publication date: 10th December
12.95 +1.00 (p&p)*

Tomorrow, we ride…
Jean Bobet

“Tomorrow, we ride” is what Louison
and his brother Jean always said to each other, whether in the frenzy of the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia, or  in their many rides together. This a story full of passion for cycling and Jean’s account of his superstar brother Louison’s career is nothing short of  fascinating but  the book  takes a long term look into contemptary cycling and should be of interest to any cycle racing fan.

Translated by Adam Berry (with grant from Centre National du Livre.)

“Their story is magical. A marvellous read.” Phil Liggett

12.95 +1.00 (p&p)
The Eagle of the Canavese
Herbie Sykes

More than a biography of Franco
Balmamion, twice winner of the Giro, this is a book about courage, and deceit, joy and the sadness of lost careers. This is Italian cycle racing in the 60s and the men who made it – their stories, by turn, heroic, astonishing and heartbreaking.
“…packed with zest and anecdote, the account of Balmamion, the ‘forgotten man’ of Italian cycling is a joy to read.”  David Harmon

“It’s a gem.” Keith Bingham, Cycling Weekly

13.95 + 1.00 (p&p)

17.95 + 1.00(p&p) (H/back)