That's what Jean's brother Louison (Triple Tour de France winner 1953-1955 and 1954 World Champion) used to say as they arranged to meet, everyday whilst racing and then just on Sundays when they weren't completing anymore. They rode together until Louison's untimely death in 1983, the need for a being on a bike made for a better understanding of each other.  Thanks to Louison, his younger brother has the good fortune of riding through the golden years, the 50's:
the years of post-war reconstruction, of Coppi, Bartali, Kubler,Koblet, Gaul & Van Steenbergen, Anquetil & Darrigade, monumental names who shaped a legacy which will never be forgotton. Jean's book is not only about his superstar brother but his own racing sucessful career (winner of Paris-Nice 1955), life on the road, hopes, glory, disappointments culminating in retirement at 29 to become a journalist and a business partner with Louison. Members of the Pedal Club had the pleasure of Mr. Mrs. Bobet's company at Ladies Day in October, a chance to meet and talk  to Jean about his career and his riding out with the Aberdeen Wheelers (Jean studied English there). The whole day was a humbling experience.
179 Pages including 16 pages of Photographs
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